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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rambo Up

As you may know from my previous posts, I have been fighting some health issues.  I had bronchitis, a severe case of the dizzies (which still comes back every now and again), and thanks to some tests by my doctor we found out both my red and white blood cell counts were low.  Now after some hard core rounds of antibiotics, multi vitamins with high iron content and a massive improvement in my daily water intake, I am feeling much better.  I sleep better, I am more relaxed, and I am getting back to myself.   There is only one problem.  I have lost my motivation to exercise.  
It’s gone, just completely gone.  How can this happen?  I went a good three weeks lamenting the fact that I couldn’t do any kind of work out.  Just pining for the day I was better so I could get out and get back to running.  And now I sit here today with absolutely no desire to get up at all.  I just want to curl up on the couch and cocoon myself in a pile of blankets and pillows.  I want to surf the Internet or play Batman Arkham Asylum (which is totally awesome by the way).  I haven’t turned my Wii on in forever. 
The Brat Trot is officially two weeks away from today.  I HAVE to start getting ready or else I will be a complete failure.   I have managed a couple of walks over my lunch hour but the problem with that is when I return to the office I am a sweaty fat girl, no one wants to deal with that.  I have to work out at home again.
On the bright side I have continued to lose weight, just not as fast as I was before.  I have reached 226 pounds which is 39 pounds so far.  When I started at the beginning of the year I had hoped to be less than 200 pounds by June.  It is not looking like that will happen.  I could be upset with myself but I am not.  This isn’t a quick fix; this is a life style change.  And I have been successful in that aspect.  I have changed my habits for the better.  Even if the Wunder Hubby and I have what we call a “Sin Day” and allow ourselves to eat whatever we want, I just can’t take in the amount of calories I used too.  I am more conscious now of what I put into my body.  I think that is a very good thing.   But lets get back to reality here, in almost a month’s time I have only lost three pounds.  That is terrible.  That is maintaining not actually losing. It is time to get serious.  I mean really serious.  And by really serious I mean Rambo kick ass jungle serious.  It is not going to be easy, I have gotten comfortable maintaining.  But I am not to the point where maintaining is OK.  I am going to make this vow…. My next post will be a report on good behavior, hard work and hopefully some significant weight loss. 

Time to Rambo up


  1. I am with you Martha, I didn't start out to lose weight in February, it just started happening... once it finally started coming off, I liked it and then I started a 30 day cleanse which made it easier for me because I started eating only real food, nothing canned, boxed, no refined sugar, no wheat and no dairy. It wasn't all that hard, I didn't miss a lot of this food in any way, I loved eating salad so much that I eat large bowls of it every single day. I only lost 10 pounds on the cleanse but I also finally started exercising, only some walking now but I am building to do more. I don't want to overwhelm myself. I have lost 44 pounds in 14 weeks, I have a lot more to go but as you said, I am making a life change. Good luck with yours, I will keep you up on mine too :)

  2. Thanks and good luck to you too!