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Monday, March 26, 2012

Update: Topeka Clothes Swap

Down at the clothes swap (do do de do doo)
Down at the clothes swap (do do de do doo)
Lord have mercy we’re just some chicks doin’ a clothes swap!
Sorry Billy Joe Royal, I couldn’t help myself.
Yes last weekend was the first event for the Topeka Clothes Swap.  With my previous concerns of problems due to some Internet trolling, I was not sure what to expect.  So Friday when I left my place of business and headed to Hayden High School I was trying to prepare myself for just about anything.  I picked up Wunder Hubby  then we arrived to find Catie Walker waiting for us on the stairs.  She greeted us and showed us the glorious Hayden Bingo Hall.  PERFECT!  Lots of room and Lots of tables!  Soon came Marcy Hane with her small army of youngin’s and we got started.  We put up signs and labeled the tables for various clothe sizes.
Doing my best Obi Wan Kenobi impression..."This IS the swap you're looking for"
Then people started showing up.  It didn’t take long until there was a mountain of clothes to sort out!  We dug in and got them all organized as best we could.  Soon we were looking fantastic!  Lots of clothes as you can see…..
If you wish to see the clothing in all it's glory, please do click the pic.

Saturday morning we arrived bright and early.  Took care of some Saturday morning clothes drops (which the people who dropped were nice enough to help with the sorting before the swap started).   Then it was swappin’ time!

Ms. Carrie is all smiles! :)
Over the next hour and a half there was constant action.  I think everyone that participated got what they needed and a few got even more.  We had placed a bucket for unwanted tickets on the front table, this way if you didn’t have enough tickets then you could get some more.  One lady ended up getting over 50 tickets out of the bucket and thus getting a large amount of clothing for her family. 
Then, there was no one.  We waited until 11:45 and decided no one else was coming so we started bagging up the left over clothes.  Soon Rosemary Fasl arrived.  Rosemary arrived to pick up the left over clothes for her daughter who is collecting clothing as a project to benefit Big Brothers & Big Sisters.  Rosemary was very happy to see that we had over 15 bags of clothing to donate!

Believe it or not, we were able to cram all of these into one SUV!
All-in-all, the clothes swap event was a huge success!  And if you are wondering, yes we are doing another one.  It is currently scheduled for August 4th, hopefully we can use the Hayden Bingo Hall again but it’s a little too far out to tell for sure.  Most of the action took place within the first two hours so we are just going to make it a two hour event next time.

Thank you to everyone who participated!  And a special thank you to those of you who helped make the swap a success.  Without you it could not have been done!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

While Waiting For The Doctor

This is my first attempt at writing a blog post with my iPad.  So far it's not too bad except for the curious onlookers.   You see I am sitting in the waiting room of the Cotton O'Neil Express Care clinic.  So it's a mixture of curiosity and boredom that brings the looks and questions.  Normally that would be a bit annoying but today I find the distraction comforting.  You see I have this thing. To best explain this thing I need to give you a back story. 

Picture your screen getting all blurry & misty, and you hear harp music playing.  

This all started on my 13th birthday, well the week before my 13th birthday.  My mothers live-in boyfriend decides we are all moving to Oregon. My mother quits her job, pulls me out of Robinson Middle School and we pack all of our belongings into an old Suburban. (not-so-fun side note, this Suburban had no back seat). The morning of my birthday comes and we cram ourselves in with the tightly packed belongings that were deemed necessary.  The rest of our belongings were left behind in the house we rented on Lincoln ave.

After a long drive that took us down to Oklahoma, through New Mexico and up to Idaho, we were just one days drive from Eugene, Oregon. You see we were going to Eugene because James, mom's boyfriend, said he had a job waiting for him there.   The night we stayed in Idaho, James decided to come clean and admit there was never a job.  The next day we drove to Portland and stayed at the first hotel that was sympathetic to our extreme situation.  

Long story short, we stayed in Portland for six months. The entire time we were there we were homeless.  No jobs were ever found, or really looked for. 

Now I don't know if you have ever been to Oregon before, so let me tell you what it is like.   It's beautiful.  Mountains, Bald Eagles, roses everywhere.  But what is also everywhere is big thick balls of moss.  And the cheap, falling in  motel we stayed in when we could afford it, had dark colored mold growing in the corners and in the closet.  The mix of these two things caused a problem for me. 

As a child I suffered from springtime allergies, but that was in Kansas. In Oregon I suffered spring time Armageddon in my sinus's.  I became so sick I couldn't function.  It would get so bad that I could not walk strait, my balance was gone.  I begged my mom to take me to a doctor but she refused, saying I would get better.  I didn't get better.  When we finally returned to Topeka she took me to a free clinic.   The doctor noticed a lump by my ear.  He said that it's probably going to be permanent, and said it was a result of having the sinus infection for so long.  He said the only treatment would be to have it removed, which mom chose not to do. From that time on, whenever I have sinus problems it swells.

Ok back to today. This last week that side of my face has felt odd and today that lump is swollen. Plus that part of my face is numb.  That's never happened before.  Still waiting to see the doctor and I am getting nervous.  It's probably some odd infection, but what if it's not? What if it's worse? What if it's cancer?  It's probably nothing.  I just want to find out.  I'm going to stop writing now and just wait. 

Two Hours Later: all done with the doctor.  She thinks its just an infection and gave me some antibiotics.  I have to follow up with my doctor in a month. Sorry for getting all worked up, I think some part of me is always waiting for the sky to fall. Luckily the sky is staying in place for now.   What I have told you about today was a little picture of where I came from, what life used to be like for me.  Any more it feels like someone else's story but the scars I still carry remind me that it is mine.  I don't talk about these things much anymore but today it was in my face, or at least ON my face.  No worries though kiddies, I made my way out of the lifestyle of despair. You can do it too if you are in need of escape. Break the chain of abuse and find a way of life that isn't dysfunctional.  It's not always easy, sometimes you have to make extremely hard choices. But your life, and the life of your family will be better for it.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm Feeling Feisty

Be it from the sunshine that busted through my windows after four long days of rain, or getting a special visit from my favorite Aunt's at lunch, or the fact that today was the first day of reduced stress in a very long time.  So many factors can come into play, but what it all sums up to is this.....

Today, I'm feeling feisty

So what do I do with all this fiestiness?  Well, I have posted more in my social media worlds.  I finished a big portion of a project that I have been trying to get to all week.  And I am cracking wise with all of my homies.  From there I thought "How about a blog post!"

And here we are.

I read a very interesting article this morning, "8 Reasons Why Your Workout Isn't Working".  It made me think about my workout routine what I need to do to change it up.  I think the first thing I am going to do is take a break for a couple of days.  My legs are in so much pain.  I need some decent running shoes, my old $20 pair just aren't holding up on the concrete.  Sunday my friend Alissa Sheley and I are hitting up Famous Footwear with a bitchen' coupon.  I will try to not work out until after the new pair of running shoes are purchased.  I am surprised how difficult I find that idea to be.  Inside of me there is a battle going on, "Well you could do the resistance bands, or if that's not enough, we could do some Hip Hop Body" then I say "No! You are going to rest a couple of days!"  And then I get "But MOOOOOOOOOOOM"  My inner self is so immature.

So who knows if I will actually not work out tonight.  Either way I am happy to report I have lost three more pounds since my last post. Yippee!  So here is a fast and oh so fantastic list of things that weigh 33 pounds.

Va Va VOOM!  This furry wedding dress is made of 33 pounds of human hair!  I can't help but think it would be terribly itchy.
This dude has a big ol' fishy lookin' thing.  It weighs 33 pounds and is almost as big as him!
A bag holding 33 pounds of rice can get pretty heavy.  This lady decided to set it down and take a break.  I imagine her friend is comforting her and deep inside saying "please, please do not pass gas"
Now my research tells me that this is a 33 pound sweet potato.  But it makes me think of a story I read once about elephantitis.  I shouldn't go into that. 
And this post wouldn't be complete without a drug bust photo!  Here you go, 33 pounds of psychedelic magical sharoooms

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I am a big FAT liar!

Yes dear friends it’s true, I lied. 
Though I didn’t realize I was presenting a falsehood at the time.  What I am referring to is a previous post in which I stated I would never let a plateau get me down again.  UNTRUE!  I am getting close to my honey badger limit and that is not good.   I am frustrated and confused about my calories right now.  Up to this point I have just been eating less and exercising as much as I possibly can.  And it worked, until now.  Now I am stuck.  Still sitting at 235 pounds!  Here is how my week has gone so far…..
Saturday: I have been so good with my diet and exercise.  I am not sure why my weight is staying the same. 
I have decided it is popcorn that is causing me to stay in the same place.  I write a blog post about it declaring I have found my problem, then I cut out the popcorn and go jogging.  After I jog I come home and rock out some Wii fit with the kiddo, 90 minutes of exercise all together.

Monday: 235 Still no change! 
I work out for 57 minutes on the Wii fit at the highest level of intensity I can stand.  End the day with 428 calories remaining in my calorie budget.  I have no snacks.
Tuesday: 235 Ok, now I am just getting mad. 
What is the point of denying myself the food I love and working out as much as my schedule will allow if NOTHING changes.  I rock the treadmill at various speeds and incline for 43 minutes.  I only eat 1145 calories total for the day.  When I publish my diary, My Fitness Pal sends me a warning that says if I don’t eat more than 1200 calories in a day my body will go into starvation mode.  Great.
Wednesday: GAWDFARGINGDAMNIT!  Still at 235. 
I exercise hard before work.  30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes on the Wii.  Both as hard as I can push myself.  I eat two small breakfast’s  and make sure I go slightly over my calorie budget for the day.  I end the day at -67 calories.  Hopefully this will mean something. 
Thursday: *stare blankly at the scale, then proceed to throw as many rude gestures at it as I can*  23fricken5. 
Now I should note here that Wednesday night I thought about something that hasn’t really been happening for awhile.  If it does happen, it is a struggle and barely worth noting.  With that thought in mind, I decided to take a laxative before bed.  (Aren’t you glad you know this?)  Well, I had never taken one before and wasn’t sure how effective they are……….so I took two.   So I haven’t exercised yet today, been busy doing other……………..things.  Feeling better this evening, might try to go for a walk after dinner.
False advertising, I was NOT a new woman afterwards. 
 Friday: Thursday night I did end up exercising, 30 minute power walk and 60 minutes on the Wii.  I also ended the day under my calorie budget.  I get up this morning and step on the scale.  23……..4. 

Ok, it’s a drop, but after what I put my body through in the last 24 hours I will not count that as a real loss.  I do not want to be one of those girls I have heard about that pop laxatives to lose weight.   In fact, after yesterday, I may never take one again, Oy!
By Friday night I am hitting my limit of frustration.  Honestly what is the point!  I want to keep losing weight!  And if nothing happens, why WHY continue putting myself through this.  The diet is not easy, I love to eat!  And I am enjoying the exercise, but at the same time I have already developed shin splints and my body aches.    Add those onto the fact that I am beyond over booked and busy in my life right now.  The drive thru lifestyle could easily come back into play. 
I give in, have a DQ Blizzard and sulk.  Not my best choice so far.
The Blizzard still loves me....*sob*
Saturday:  I get up and step on the scale.  Still at 234, so at least I haven’t jumped back up to 235. 
When I started this diet I set a few days in the year aside for special occasions.  My birthday, Bank Holidays, and my favorite holiday of the year, St. Patrick’s Day.  My family is Irish American and we LOVE St. Pat’s.  After a day of parade which brought some funnel cake, lunch at a local legend called The Pad and then a big family dinner of Corned Beef, Cabbage, Irish Soda Bread, and Bailey’s Irish Cream Coffee, it is safe to say I went way over my limit.  And honestly, I had the best St. Pat’s ever, I regret nothing. 
Erin Go Bragh
Sunday:  Nervous about Saturday’s gluttonous events, I step on the scale.  235 
Oh well, at least I didn’t spike up five pounds.  I have spent the day working on homework and taking care of a few things before I dive into the super, mega, crazy week of doom I have planned for next week.  I did manage to get a jog in with the kiddo and I am only over my calorie budget today by -56. 
I have decided to keep on chugging along.  I have no other choice, I have to lose weight.  If I keep on living the life style I have for the last couple of months, there is no way that I will stay at 235.  I just have to ride out this plateau. 
Staying positive. 

Good night.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Ok, I am getting frustrated.  I know I said I would never be discouraged over a plateau again but COME ON!  I have been stuck going up and down three pounds for the last two weeks.  WTH!  I have been counting my calories and working out nearly two hours a day!  Still nothing!
But with that being said, I think I have figured out why.
Sweet, glorious, whole grain snack that has been the stand by in our house since the diet started.  First we got an air popper…..
Only 93 calories in every three cups!
That was awesome so we started to pop popcorn on the stove…..

Ok, the calories are going up a bit, 140 a serving.  But as long as I control myself it's not too bad.
And then.  We received our tax return, and while we were high with intaxication we decided to make one irresponsible purchase.  One purchase that was purely for pleasure.  One purchase that is shameful and wrong but then again….oh so right.  We bought this beauty.
Now with this glorious little gadget sitting in our living room you know we have been rocking the popcorn every night.  I had been counting the calories the same way I had with stove top popcorn.  I didn’t think about the fact that we had bought the big tub of popcorn oil with the machine.  I didn’t consider that extra half a scoop we dumped in for good measure.  And surely the popcorn you eat off the bottom of the maker while cleaning it out doesn’t count….right?  Wrong.

My evening snack went from 200 calories up to 800 calories! 
So yeah, I was failing and not even realizing it.  I had no idea I was putting away that many calories right after working my butt off on the treadmill.  Ugg!

Well this is not happening any more.  I will fight the urge and go back to small snacks or no snack at all.  I have got to keep this weight loss going!  I am not giving up on popcorn all together.  We will have designated popcorn nights, but no more big bowl of popcorn every night. 


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thirty Pounds

I have officially hit 235 pounds, which is 30 pounds from when I started at the first of the year.  I am excited, but also nervous.  This is where it usually ends.  I cannot let that happen this time.  I have been doing Wii Fit and it measures your bmi, it also tells you what your ideal weight should be for your height.  It said that my ideal weight is 119 pounds.  So I am pretty much twice the weight I should be.   That was sitting pretty heavy on my brain and then I saw this……

My God, what have I done to my body?  Look at all of the fat in the internal organs! 
I just cannot let this be acceptable any more.
The last time I had an appropriate amount of body fat I was around six or seven years old.  I wonder if I can take it that far.  My goal has been to get down to 175, that is what I weighed in high school.  Could it be possible to get below that?  This thought blows my mind.  But if I continue keeping the course as I have been, it could be possible to keep on past 175.  I wonder if I did, would I be able to maintain it?  Who knows, only time will tell.

The other day I was handed a stack of mail from the postman and it was incredibly heavy.  I decided to weigh it just for fun, 12 pounds.  I was stunned that the weight was so low, how have I carried all of this excess for so long?  

So far I have lost 30 pounds. T-H-I-R-T-Y, that is just unreal.

This is 30 pounds of fresh summer peaches
This man has one rockin' hat and a tray holding 30 pounds of delicious bacon

This table is doing the best it can to hold 30 pounds of blue berries

This old brass bell weighs a ring-y ding-y 30 pounds

Each of these big cheese wheels weighs 30 pounds
 Until next time.....