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Sunday, October 6, 2013

In Germany, “Hospital” is called “Krankenhaus”

This way to the par-tay!
2013 has been the year of the hospital.  I have learned many of the back hallway short cuts, where the best vending machines are located, how to find a nurse when none is to be found. I also know which floors have the best waiting rooms (ICU waiting room is amazing, I hope you never see it). 

Here’s an update on how everyone is doing…….

Aunt Sondra – No one fights like this lady, seriously, no one.  From January to September of this year she has been fighting.  She fought cancer, fought internal bleeding, fought as her body kept trying to shut down, she fought through it all.  More than once we were told that she was not going to make it.  There were many nights where we rushed up to the hospital and stayed by her side.  She gave me the best birthday gift ever back in February; I got the call and rushed to the hospital.  She was doing badly, it wasn't looking good.  My cousin, Dennis, and I both stayed the night along with my Aunt Susie who rarely left Sondra’s side.  We all watched over her and did all that we could to make her comfortable.  She pulled through the night, happy birthday to me!  She’s been home and out of the hospital for around five weeks.  She’s feeling better, doing her physical therapy, and working hard at getting back to normal.  I am happy to report that my Aunt’s are not home right now, they are on a very well deserved vacation.  After the year they have been through, the ups and downs……..  I hope that every moment of this trip is memorable and a joy.   I love those ladies so much!  

Oh!  Did I forget to tell you????  WE BOUGHT A BOOKSTORE! 
Wunder Hubs – Brandon has been working very hard at improving his lifestyle.  We do not keep salt in the apartment ever.  We try to eat more veggies and rarely have red meat.  We do eat out from time to time but not like we did before.   Every morning after he drops the kiddo off at school, Brandon takes a walk around Downtown Topeka before opening the shop.   Brandon’s dream has always been to own and operate a little hobby shop, and earlier this year that dream became a reality!  

You can see the website for Oddfellow’s Fine Books and Collectibles here.  
And you can follow us on Facebook here.  
And on Twitter @oddfellowsbooks
And if you want to get extra crazy….  You can follow our shop blog here.  

 But back to Brandon, he’s doing very well, it’s not easy living the healthy lifestyle but he’s trying. 

Aren't ovaries just adorable?!  You can buy this ovary plush here
Me – So Sondra was in the hospital for months, Hubs was in for weeks, well you know, I couldn't let them have all the fun!  Later this month I am going to have a hysterectomy.  I will likely be in the hospital for an overnight stay then home for at least two weeks rest.  I’m not scared, I’m relieved.  I have been dealing with Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) for many years.  It’s time to be free of it.

So there you have it, the year of the hospital.  Only three months left in the year, it should be interesting.  I do not think I will be reporting any big weight loss successes by the end of the year.  But you never know. 

So here’s some comic relief, my favorite blogger, Allie Brosh, is putting out a new book!  Go to amazon and pre order it NOW

Check out "Hyperbole and a Half"


  1. Martha... I know you have had a tough year... don't give up on the weight loss and getting healthy. I remember how you inspired me a couple of years ago... I finally did something about my weight 17 weeks ago... I have walked over 320 miles and I have lost 53 pounds. It's been a lifestyle change... I am sticking with it.. I know you can do it too :-D

  2. Wow Launna! That is fantastic! Keep up the good work.

  3. Awesome! What good news. Can't wait to see more pictures of the shop and hear about your adventures.