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Monday, October 10, 2011

Society and the Obese

I have always been overweight, I was a fat child, I am a fat adult.  I can tell you first hand that society treats the overweight differently.  We are seen as second class citizens.  We are teased and tortured as children and we are mocked and ridiculed as adults.  We are seen as lazy, accused of being dirty and smelly, and told that we are unattractive.  It is cruel. 

I know what many people will say, it’s my own fault, I have made myself unacceptable.  But I have trouble agreeing with that.  The same society that judges me so harshly also pushes me to eat eat EAT.  Bigger, better, cheesier, sweeter, super-sized, king sized, gotta have it and so on.  We live in a big box world and it is difficult to not live a big box life. 

I am not saying that everyone should be obese, all I am asking is that you not judge the overweight so harshly.  Do not let the door shut in our faces, do not laugh when we eat, do not criticize us for breathing heavily after a flight of stairs.  We do not want to live this way, but this is how we are.  Why do you feel the need to make it worse?  Your behavior displays how shallow you really are.

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