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Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Relaxed a Bit Too Much

Well friends I have not been doing so good on the diet and exercise thing.  I have been down and out due to being sick.  Still have no idea what exactly was wrong with me.  Yes my lypmh node was swollen, but I had no other sign of infection.  The dizzies still come and go but they have gotten much better.  I have felt weak and tired for two weeks strait.  Physical tasks that my new work out driven body found easy were now daunting.  But two nights ago I was able to get back on the treadmill for 45 minutes so I think I am bouncing back. 

The trouble with not feeling good is that I do not want to diet.  I dug into the comfort foods like a kid in a ball pit.  I would start each day with calories in mind, but as the day progressed I gave into temptations.  I have been hitting a lot of drive thru's, having popcorn in the evenings and rocking candy and cake at work.  I am really kind of shocked how easy it was to slip back into bad habits.  And how easy it has been to rationalize each bad choice. 

So today is Easter, I have gained back two pounds.  I wanted to be under 220 by this point in time but I am still hanging out in the 230's.  With two family get togethers today it is pointless to declare that I am getting back with it, I know I am going to fail.  But come Monday, it will be alright, come Monday I'll be eating food right, I spent 14 crazy days in a food drunk haze and I just want to get back on my diet. (Jimmy Buffett would be so proud.)

We have this record, Kiddo thinks its music from  "My Name is Earl"
I kind of see where he is coming from. 
(this upsets my husband greatly as he is very serious about his Jimmy Buffett)
Have a happy Easter/Passover/Rock out on candy and food day!  See you next post where I hope to report that I am doing wonderfully and have dropped 50 pounds in a week! :)


  1. Two weeks do not a diet failure make. Especially when you need the pampering that goes with illness. Hang in there, I can tell a difference in the way you look and think, so keep positive and you'll see positive results in your negative weight gain goal.