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Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello from Chicago!

The view from our hotel the first night we arrived
As I am writing this I am sitting on the 20th floor of the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, Illinois.  The sun has just started to break through the tall buildings and I can hear people stirring down the hall.  But the sound that is most impressive is the constant howl outside; this truly is the windy city.  The day after Christmas hubs and I jumped on a train and started this adventure.  It has been a lovely trip so far.  We visited Millennium Park and took pictures of the Bean (this was the biggest thing on my list!).  We went to the Chicago Art Institute and viewed priceless artifacts and works of art.  We visited the Lincoln Park Zoo and saw some very interesting animals.  We have ventured off of the beaten path, the places where most tourists do not go, and hunted down some rare book shops.  This has been a very nice get away for hubs and I.  The food has been amazing; every meal seems to cost more than home but wow, above our expectations each time.

This trip has required a lot of walking.  Oh I’m sorry, I don’t think I emphasized that enough, let me try again.  A LOT OF WALKING.  My short little stubby legs have been scurrying along these streets as fast as they can.  I am so horribly out of shape at the moment, I think the last time I tried to go for a walk was back in August.  But we have no car here and do not want one.  We are determined to not only enjoy Chicago, but to also make this the starting point of a new lifestyle.  I know I know I know, I've said this
before.  Yeah, I do that a lot.  Always have the best intentions of getting out there and making a real change, but the next day comes and I lose the drive.  Well it can’t happen here, if we want to see anything in this town we have to get out and get moving.

We both agree that when we get home we will continue to push each other to get into better shape and eat better.  Not because of vanity, but because we want a long and healthy life together.  The hubs’s heart condition is a very serious one, and we have gotten off track.  We NEED to fix this.  And while nowhere near as serious as hubs, my joints are so sore, especially my knees.  I know it’s the weight; arthritis is something that runs through my family.  If I don’t fix this now, I may not be able to in the future.

So that’s it.  We are going to do this.  We have to do this.  God I hope we do this.


  1. It's hard getting motivated, I know... You can do it because it is important. I am going to take this year to try to motivate my little one, that is the tough one... Good Luck Martie and Happy New Year... !!!

  2. Love it, and I totally get you. I spent quite a bit of time in Chicago for Fair Housing conferences at John Marshall Law School. My hotel was between 2-3 miles away from the school downtown. Every morning I loaded up my small carry-on that had wheels with my necessities for the day and walked to and from class. It was easy because of the sidewalks and the businesses (I could stop for coffee on the way to, and a slice on the way back). I swore when I got back to Topeka I would walk the three miles daily to and from work. It was not to be. The major roads from my house to the office downtown had no continuous sidewalks. In the winter, there was no path that was without ice or snow. The traffic scares me, and we all know that pedestrians in Topeka have been injured/killed by vehicles in clearly marked crosswalks due to careless drivers. If you work and live downtown, you have it better, but even if I wanted to walk to work from my house to a nearby business, I couldn't due to the dangers listed above. Even to get to my local bar or grocery store, I'm taking my life into my own hands more than I ever would have to in Chicago. Ironic. Great read! I can only hope Topeka continues to get better. Since I've left my job downtown, sidewalks have been put on 10th street, which would have been the path I would have taken to my office.