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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Goals and What-Not

Well, the last week of January was a bit of a struggle but the first week of February went much better. I haven't been a complete rock star but I've been doing pretty good. Friday I stepped on the scale and saw that I am finally under 280, down to 279 to be exact. That's 25lbs lost!!! That means I've hit my first weight loss goal of 2016!  Woo Hoo! To celebrate I would like to play a round of what weighs 25lbs?!
Gilda  is an approximately 3 to 4 year old terrier mix that weighs about 25  pounds. She is good on a leash, friendly, playful, alert and eager to  please. She is small enough to still be a lap dog and well behaved at  home. Her southern foster mom...:
Gilda is an adorable terrier mix who weighs in at 25lbs!
'Andre the Giant Cat:' The owner of a Colorado pet store and cat sanctuary says cat adoptions have 'skyrocketed' thanks to a 25-pound feline called 'Andre the Giant Cat'
This is Andre the Giant Cat and he weighs an impressive 25lbs!

This huge pillow is 5 feet long and weighs 25lbs!

So I'm feeling pretty good about hitting that first goal but that means I have to keep on working because I still have a long way to go.  My next goal is not a weight goal but a size goal.  I want to fit into this....

I purchased this beautiful shirt at The Merchant while visiting the amazing Lisa Boyd. This top is perfect, lovely shade of red, art nouveau flowers and the cut is just fantastic.  I tried it on when I got home and my belly is just too big for it. So My next goal is to get to where I can wear this lovely top without constrictions.  We will see how it goes!


  1. YOUARE MOST DEFINATELY ROCKING IT, Martie! You will look marvelous in that top!

  2. I am sure you will do wonderful... I am working on getting motivated again, I am so looking forward to the Spring coming in the next 6 to 8 weeks, I will be outside daily xox (the shirt is cute ;-)