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Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Hate Vegetables

Oh how they mock me.....
I hate them with every fiber of my being (pun most certainly intended).  I have tried to like them, and there are a few I can tolerate, but I just cannot get on board with them.  They are like little plants that mock me, they are just wrong.  The few vegetables I can stand to eat are as follows:

Potatoes are ok, their starchy goodness sustained me through childhood in mashed form.  I can handle potatoes in just about any form.  They are acceptable.
Corn is a standard as well.  I am from Kansas thus surrounded by corn fields.  To not eat corn would be an insult to our local farmers.

Broccoli is only tolerable raw and dipped in ranch.  Cooked broccoli is most likely one of the grossest things I have ever tried.
Carrots, Peas & Green Beans have been forced upon me so often that I can handle one or two spoonful’s but any more and I am out.

I do enjoy the most basic salads as long as they do not have too many off-the-wall bits hiding in the greenery.
Pretty much any other vegetable is not my friend.  I have tried to make peace with eggplant, but we did not agree.  I tried to argue with asparagus but there was no reasoning with it.  I danced with squash but it simply had no rhythm.  Radishes are cruel, beats are dirty, tomatoes are vial and spinach is just a mess.

There is no hope.

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