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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Exercise is Enjoyable? Huh, who knew?!

OK, I am totally into this weight loss kick right now.  Let’s hope I can make it last, (I have a good feeling I will).  So I went from just dieting to dieting and exercising nearly every day.  And wow, I forgot how much I enjoy exercising!  Long ago in the before times, I would go jogging nearly every night after dinner.  But now I have become sedentary and well, a bit wobbly.  I do not like jogging anymore because frankly I am horribly embarrassed about how I look and how weak I am.  
We have a treadmill and that has been a great way to get back into exercise.  I start off slow and then work my way up to a speed I am comfortable with.  This way I can work out within the confines of my home, far away from judgmental eyes.   I rocked the treadmill for a few weeks and now I am doing the Wii Fitness+.  Now that feels like a work out.  When I am done with the work out and my muscles are all sore and achy, I kind of see myself like this……

Hulk Martie says 'Rawrrrrrr!!!!"

I plan to continue building up my strength and hopefully by this spring I will be ready to get out there and jog again. 
Now, while I have your attention I would like to say that I HAVE LOST 15 POUNDS!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Shall we evaluate how heavy 15 pounds is?  Yes, lets.

This is Oscar the adorable 15 pound puppy!

While we are on the subject of cute and fuzzy, here is a baby sea lion that ways 15 pounds!

This cement filled kettle ball weighs 15 pounds!

This nice fellow is about to rock this 15 pound burger!

And last, perhaps the most accurate example I have given yet.  This is a 15 pound bag of pork back fat.  *shudder*


  1. Congrats Martie!
    I love the wii fit :)

  2. Thanks! Me too! My time bank is now silver, woot! It told me I could show that off to my friends. lol