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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Diet Duldrums

Today was not a great day in diet/exercise land.  But not because I did anything wrong.  I am well under my calorie allowance for the day and worked out for a little over an hour. 

The problem is that I have lost my motivation. I am still determined to do this, but I am so tired and it is showing.   My work out was barely satisfactory, I mostly just moved through the motions.  All I can think about is a new class that I am starting school and how big of a work load it brings.  Then I think about work, busy season is here which means extra hours and working at a near frantic pace to keep up.  Plus my son is sick tonight and there is a ton of house work to be done that I have been putting off to exercise.  I am just so very tired.

This is an accurate visual demonstration of how I feel at the moment.
 Tonight is the first night that I have questioned whether or not I am going to make it.  This is all so much work.  Entering in every bite I eat to MyFitnessPal, working out every day (if I can), having to resist cake, cookies and all of the other wonderful goodies that make it into our office during busy season.   And to top it all off I am stuck on a plateau again.  BPLAGHHHH!!!!  (yes that is the exact spelling of the sound I just made.)

I have got to stick with it.  I just have too.  It's time to get to a comfortable, normal size.  And on the bright side, for the first time today someone told me they could tell I am loosing weight.  So perhaps there is hope.  So until I get that fire back that has been pushing me along for over five weeks (and helping me rock off 19 pounds), I shall rely on humor to get me through. 


  1. Martie, that is HUGE! 19 lbs in the last five weeks or so? That's such an achievement! Hopefully as you watch your progress and hear more encouragement it will keep you going. I know how you feel: it took me nearly four times that amount of time to lose as much weight. What kept me going was that I was determined not to be a P90X dropout. I still haven't made it to my goal, though. Keep going, friend! You CAN do it. You are a strong woman; you'll do great. And you'll be so proud of all you accomplished. Be proud now! You're doing great!

  2. Thank you so much Stacey! I don't know why you are so concerned about your weight, you have always looked fantastic. The smallest I have ever been is when we came back from India, and even then I was a size 14. I would be happy to get to a size 14/16 and stay there, I doubt I will ever be smaller. But who knows. Only time will tell. BTW, thanks for sticking with me and staying my friend after all these years. I really do value and appreciate your friendship.

  3. You are an inspiration to me. I am so understanding of having to juggle work, home, family, school... but you do all this stuff to improve, and I just collapse in front of the computer... keep going, Marti. You're a hero to me :)

    And I am sooooo going to miss you and Brandon in these next two classes.

  4. Thank you so much Tonya! Very appreciated! We already miss you :)