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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Twenty Mo-Fo Pounds!!!

Yes, you heard that right (or read it right Mr./Ms. Picky Pants) 
On this day of February 4, 2012, I Martie Rison stepped on the scale and witnessed a glorious fact.  I have lost TWENTY POUNDS!  This is exactly one month from the day that I partook in my last McMeal.  I remember sitting in McD’s and eating my nuggs thinking, “this is the last time, it has to be”.  And wow has it paid off.  Twenty pounds in one month seems pretty drastic and I don’t expect it to happen every month but I plan on keeping up the efforts. 
Sorry Ronald, you have been there for me through a lot and I appreciate that. 
But the time has come to officially let you go. 

So here we go.  What weighs 20 pounds??

This adorable little baby llama ways 20 Pounds!

Here is 20 Pounds of cocaine because why not?

This gatling rubber band gun is a very violent looking 20 Pounds!
Her is 20 Pounds of ripe red Roma Tomatoes!
This is the Sausage Tree.  It bears fruit that can grow 2 feet long and weigh 20 Pounds! 
You can't eat it but you can make beer with it ;)

So here's to tomorrow and the day after that and the week after that and the month after that and the rest of my life.  I am living healthy now and plan to stay that way.  

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