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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Ok, I am getting frustrated.  I know I said I would never be discouraged over a plateau again but COME ON!  I have been stuck going up and down three pounds for the last two weeks.  WTH!  I have been counting my calories and working out nearly two hours a day!  Still nothing!
But with that being said, I think I have figured out why.
Sweet, glorious, whole grain snack that has been the stand by in our house since the diet started.  First we got an air popper…..
Only 93 calories in every three cups!
That was awesome so we started to pop popcorn on the stove…..

Ok, the calories are going up a bit, 140 a serving.  But as long as I control myself it's not too bad.
And then.  We received our tax return, and while we were high with intaxication we decided to make one irresponsible purchase.  One purchase that was purely for pleasure.  One purchase that is shameful and wrong but then again….oh so right.  We bought this beauty.
Now with this glorious little gadget sitting in our living room you know we have been rocking the popcorn every night.  I had been counting the calories the same way I had with stove top popcorn.  I didn’t think about the fact that we had bought the big tub of popcorn oil with the machine.  I didn’t consider that extra half a scoop we dumped in for good measure.  And surely the popcorn you eat off the bottom of the maker while cleaning it out doesn’t count….right?  Wrong.

My evening snack went from 200 calories up to 800 calories! 
So yeah, I was failing and not even realizing it.  I had no idea I was putting away that many calories right after working my butt off on the treadmill.  Ugg!

Well this is not happening any more.  I will fight the urge and go back to small snacks or no snack at all.  I have got to keep this weight loss going!  I am not giving up on popcorn all together.  We will have designated popcorn nights, but no more big bowl of popcorn every night. 


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