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Monday, March 26, 2012

Update: Topeka Clothes Swap

Down at the clothes swap (do do de do doo)
Down at the clothes swap (do do de do doo)
Lord have mercy we’re just some chicks doin’ a clothes swap!
Sorry Billy Joe Royal, I couldn’t help myself.
Yes last weekend was the first event for the Topeka Clothes Swap.  With my previous concerns of problems due to some Internet trolling, I was not sure what to expect.  So Friday when I left my place of business and headed to Hayden High School I was trying to prepare myself for just about anything.  I picked up Wunder Hubby  then we arrived to find Catie Walker waiting for us on the stairs.  She greeted us and showed us the glorious Hayden Bingo Hall.  PERFECT!  Lots of room and Lots of tables!  Soon came Marcy Hane with her small army of youngin’s and we got started.  We put up signs and labeled the tables for various clothe sizes.
Doing my best Obi Wan Kenobi impression..."This IS the swap you're looking for"
Then people started showing up.  It didn’t take long until there was a mountain of clothes to sort out!  We dug in and got them all organized as best we could.  Soon we were looking fantastic!  Lots of clothes as you can see…..
If you wish to see the clothing in all it's glory, please do click the pic.

Saturday morning we arrived bright and early.  Took care of some Saturday morning clothes drops (which the people who dropped were nice enough to help with the sorting before the swap started).   Then it was swappin’ time!

Ms. Carrie is all smiles! :)
Over the next hour and a half there was constant action.  I think everyone that participated got what they needed and a few got even more.  We had placed a bucket for unwanted tickets on the front table, this way if you didn’t have enough tickets then you could get some more.  One lady ended up getting over 50 tickets out of the bucket and thus getting a large amount of clothing for her family. 
Then, there was no one.  We waited until 11:45 and decided no one else was coming so we started bagging up the left over clothes.  Soon Rosemary Fasl arrived.  Rosemary arrived to pick up the left over clothes for her daughter who is collecting clothing as a project to benefit Big Brothers & Big Sisters.  Rosemary was very happy to see that we had over 15 bags of clothing to donate!

Believe it or not, we were able to cram all of these into one SUV!
All-in-all, the clothes swap event was a huge success!  And if you are wondering, yes we are doing another one.  It is currently scheduled for August 4th, hopefully we can use the Hayden Bingo Hall again but it’s a little too far out to tell for sure.  Most of the action took place within the first two hours so we are just going to make it a two hour event next time.

Thank you to everyone who participated!  And a special thank you to those of you who helped make the swap a success.  Without you it could not have been done!

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