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Sunday, March 18, 2012

I am a big FAT liar!

Yes dear friends it’s true, I lied. 
Though I didn’t realize I was presenting a falsehood at the time.  What I am referring to is a previous post in which I stated I would never let a plateau get me down again.  UNTRUE!  I am getting close to my honey badger limit and that is not good.   I am frustrated and confused about my calories right now.  Up to this point I have just been eating less and exercising as much as I possibly can.  And it worked, until now.  Now I am stuck.  Still sitting at 235 pounds!  Here is how my week has gone so far…..
Saturday: I have been so good with my diet and exercise.  I am not sure why my weight is staying the same. 
I have decided it is popcorn that is causing me to stay in the same place.  I write a blog post about it declaring I have found my problem, then I cut out the popcorn and go jogging.  After I jog I come home and rock out some Wii fit with the kiddo, 90 minutes of exercise all together.

Monday: 235 Still no change! 
I work out for 57 minutes on the Wii fit at the highest level of intensity I can stand.  End the day with 428 calories remaining in my calorie budget.  I have no snacks.
Tuesday: 235 Ok, now I am just getting mad. 
What is the point of denying myself the food I love and working out as much as my schedule will allow if NOTHING changes.  I rock the treadmill at various speeds and incline for 43 minutes.  I only eat 1145 calories total for the day.  When I publish my diary, My Fitness Pal sends me a warning that says if I don’t eat more than 1200 calories in a day my body will go into starvation mode.  Great.
Wednesday: GAWDFARGINGDAMNIT!  Still at 235. 
I exercise hard before work.  30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes on the Wii.  Both as hard as I can push myself.  I eat two small breakfast’s  and make sure I go slightly over my calorie budget for the day.  I end the day at -67 calories.  Hopefully this will mean something. 
Thursday: *stare blankly at the scale, then proceed to throw as many rude gestures at it as I can*  23fricken5. 
Now I should note here that Wednesday night I thought about something that hasn’t really been happening for awhile.  If it does happen, it is a struggle and barely worth noting.  With that thought in mind, I decided to take a laxative before bed.  (Aren’t you glad you know this?)  Well, I had never taken one before and wasn’t sure how effective they are……….so I took two.   So I haven’t exercised yet today, been busy doing other……………..things.  Feeling better this evening, might try to go for a walk after dinner.
False advertising, I was NOT a new woman afterwards. 
 Friday: Thursday night I did end up exercising, 30 minute power walk and 60 minutes on the Wii.  I also ended the day under my calorie budget.  I get up this morning and step on the scale.  23……..4. 

Ok, it’s a drop, but after what I put my body through in the last 24 hours I will not count that as a real loss.  I do not want to be one of those girls I have heard about that pop laxatives to lose weight.   In fact, after yesterday, I may never take one again, Oy!
By Friday night I am hitting my limit of frustration.  Honestly what is the point!  I want to keep losing weight!  And if nothing happens, why WHY continue putting myself through this.  The diet is not easy, I love to eat!  And I am enjoying the exercise, but at the same time I have already developed shin splints and my body aches.    Add those onto the fact that I am beyond over booked and busy in my life right now.  The drive thru lifestyle could easily come back into play. 
I give in, have a DQ Blizzard and sulk.  Not my best choice so far.
The Blizzard still loves me....*sob*
Saturday:  I get up and step on the scale.  Still at 234, so at least I haven’t jumped back up to 235. 
When I started this diet I set a few days in the year aside for special occasions.  My birthday, Bank Holidays, and my favorite holiday of the year, St. Patrick’s Day.  My family is Irish American and we LOVE St. Pat’s.  After a day of parade which brought some funnel cake, lunch at a local legend called The Pad and then a big family dinner of Corned Beef, Cabbage, Irish Soda Bread, and Bailey’s Irish Cream Coffee, it is safe to say I went way over my limit.  And honestly, I had the best St. Pat’s ever, I regret nothing. 
Erin Go Bragh
Sunday:  Nervous about Saturday’s gluttonous events, I step on the scale.  235 
Oh well, at least I didn’t spike up five pounds.  I have spent the day working on homework and taking care of a few things before I dive into the super, mega, crazy week of doom I have planned for next week.  I did manage to get a jog in with the kiddo and I am only over my calorie budget today by -56. 
I have decided to keep on chugging along.  I have no other choice, I have to lose weight.  If I keep on living the life style I have for the last couple of months, there is no way that I will stay at 235.  I just have to ride out this plateau. 
Staying positive. 

Good night.


  1. I feel your pain I have been stuck at 166 for ever. I went done to 164 after the surgery and then gained the 2 lbs and haven't been able to bust loose of that 166. I need to ramp up my game though so I look great for New York. Do you think having a workout buddy would help? I would love a walking partner.

  2. Advocare! No joke =)
    No scam...100% money back guarantee from the advisor.
    Average weight lost is 10 lbs on the 24-day challenge. You have to give your body all the right nutrients for it to let go of those pounds.

  3. Joe, not sure on the partner, it might help. Just don't depend too much on someone else; it has to come from you! And Dee, I am staying away from any kind of pharmaceutical solution. I want to do this the old fashioned way. :)