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Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 1

Not sure if I will continue to count the days, it seems a little pointless because I am hoping to change my life for good, not just for a few months.  But here is where I am today.  It is a late summer day outside my office window and I have not eaten real food today.  That is where my mind is.  I could be thinking about other things, but all I can think about is what I haven't eaten.  I am trying the Slimfast plan again.  It usually works to take off about 10 -15 pounds.  But I know I cannot continue on this diet.  This is a temporary start.  It works well with the budget and it is easy enough to control.  How do skinny people think?  Do they look outside and think about the weather, or do they think about how great that clump of broccoli was?  Can I ever not think of food on a steady basis? 

I know I need to incorporate exercise into my life.  It was easier when I was 22.  A jog after dinner wasn't that big of a deal, I even enjoyed it a little.  But now it is different.  I am heavier, my joints hurt more and my schedule is much more demanding then it was back then.  I can come up with hundreds of excuses for why I "can't" but none of them cancel out why I "should".  I know it will not happen tonight.  When I leave the office I will pick up my son, go home and eat dinner with the family and then take the kiddo to guitar lessons.  By the time all of that is over I will need to review my homework and turn it in, get the kiddo to bed, fold some laundry and fall into bed myself.  Tomorrow is very similar.  It is the kiddo's birthday so we will be having pizza and treats for dinner, plus there is a school event I am required to attend.  No exercise for two days.  Yes I know I could do this in the mornings but it never works out well for me.  Either I sleep in too late or I work out too long. 

See, really good at the excuses. 

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