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Monday, August 29, 2011

Why Share This

My name is Martha, I go by Martie because I hate my name.  The reason I hate my name is the fact that I was teased relentlessly by children in public school.  I was teased for three reasons, 1. I was named Martha, 2. I was and still am very odd, and 3. I am a fat girl.  Now as a woman of 31 years, I am still the same little Martha hiding from the world.  Online I am fun and outgoing, in person I am terrified of judgement and avoid social situations as much as possible. 

Perhaps this very public blog will help to motivate me to stick to a weight-loss plan.  Thinking about those who read this and regularly check back in to see if there is progress, might just push me to my goal.  My current weight is 256 lbs.  That is drastic considering I am only five feet and two inches tall. 

So what if I fail.....again?  Maybe this blog will help me to accept who I am.  I will never be the thin, tall woman of American media.  I will always be short, chubby and frumpy.  I hope to learn to love Martha for who she is and stop trying to hide her with angled photos and baggy clothing. 

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  1. Hi Neighbor,

    Thanks for the honesty you poured into this blog. I too consider myself overweight. According to my BMI I should be 6ft 3in, but alas I am the tallest in my family, with my mom at 4'7" when she passed away, and my brother at 5'2". I have a membership at Maximus, which I have been neglecting recently, but you have woken up the need to get back to it.